Probate Attorneys

Probate, Estate Administration, and Other Legal Issues Surrounding Death

At Curran, Hollenbeck & Orton, S.C., we know that the death of a loved one is an extremely difficult time for the survivors, who need a trusted advisor to help guide them through the minefield of probate, non-probate transfers, and other legal issues which arise upon death.

Our highly experienced probate team can take the worry out of probate and related legal issues. We handle all types and sizes of estates, big and small, including estates and trusts that hold business assets, farm assets, foreign (non-Wisconsin) assets, marital property assets, insurance assets, and multiple-owner assets. We are experienced in all aspects of probate and non-probate transfer law, including the following:

  • Formal and informal probate proceedings
  • Non-probate transfers which avoid probate
  • Property division
  • Termination of joint tenancies
  • Summary proceedings
  • Fiduciary income tax returns for Estates and Trusts
  • Estate tax returns
  • Ancillary proceedings for holdings in other states
  • Trust distributions and tax issues
  • Will contests
  • Insurance and retirement benefit claims

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