Government and Municipalities Attorneys

Representing Governmental Entities in Central Wisconsin

Curran, Hollenbeck & Orton, S.C. has an extensive administrative and municipal law practice. It currently represents several villages and towns, and has represented many cities, counties, sheriff's departments, police departments, plan commissions, sanitary districts, drainage districts, lake districts, airports, and other governmental entities in central Wisconsin, in Juneau, Adams, Columbia, Sauk, and surrounding counties.

We have extensive experience in these areas:

  • Drafting and Interpreting Ordinances
  • Prosecuting and defending Ordinance Violations
  • Handling Zoning and Land Use issues, including variances and conditional uses
  • Drafting and interpreting Easements & Rights of Way
  • Prosecuting and defending Eminent Domain & Condemnation cases
  • Handling Special Assessment & Public Construction issues
  • Resolving Annexations & Boundary Issues
  • Drafting and interpreting zoning ordinances and comprehensive plans